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    Default Whistler 1793 - wont get quiet!! :) ugh.

    Ok, I have had the 1793 for 2 years.
    Works great.
    However, about 6 months ago, it stopped doing the quiet mode correctly.
    I've always used that mode so that while traveling it would do single beeps instead of the full alert and it would stay in that mode even if you turned the car off.
    No more.
    Now... you get it to go into that mode
    Soon as you turn the car off... back on.... it's back to being loud again and not doing 2 single beeps anymore, just normal full alerts.
    Anyone else have this problem?
    It is such a pain changing this every time.
    fortunately the wife drives that car most of the time so it hasn't bothered me but its beginning to.
    Time to get a new XTR?
    Or does someone have ideas on a fix, or known problem?

    Thank you!!

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    The 1793 has a 3 year warranty. Send it in for repair with a note explaining the problem in detail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael B
    The 1793 has a 3 year warranty. Send it in for repair with a note explaining the problem in detail.

    3 years??????????????? I have only heard of a max of 2 years for any whistler

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    Thanks for the response.

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    hey I saw somewhere tonight it had a 3yr warranty also. why is that? Pro has 2 yrs...?

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    ive had the same radar detector as you for about 8 months if something goes wrong i usually park by a grocery store and mess with the buttons until it does what i want. there good detectors just a little messed up one time instead of flashing ka,k,or x it just went blank and made the ka noise luckily ive memorized the ka sound as you probably have to and i slammed on my brakes but thats what i would do if i were you.



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