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    Default K and KA Alert

    Hey guys i live in Washington State
    Yesterday i went on a short trip and i noticed there're lots of cops out there. I got KA and sometimes K alert while im driving. and i noticed a cop car going by. When some cop cars go by i get the alert.

    So......... can cops read your speed while they are driving? or are they just turning on the radar gun so people like me who have detector can slow down?

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    It is called moving radar mode vs stationary radar mode, yes they can get your speed driving the opposite direction or same lane as they are, they can track and deferentiate between two cars speed. Also if equiped they can track cars behind them with rear facing radar as well.

    The office was likely InstantOn you as you pass by, that is the unit is placed in a "hold" state where the unt does not transmit any radar energy. They wait for their unsuspecting prey before they nail you. You will have no prewaring unless you have faster traffic ahead of you in range to catch them InstantOn other people.

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    o ok thanks. No wonder yesterday there was a guy in front of me and ther was a cop in front of him. but i noticed that the cop singaled the guy behind him to pull over to the side of the road and the cop pulled over to the side of the road as well. and told that guy to get in front of him and yea.. i didnt know that they could get speed fron back and front adn while they are moving..

    thanks for all the infos.

    but i mostly i get warnings when there is a cop car or i dont.

    For past couple month its really strict out here with speeding, seat belts, etc..



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