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    i am looking for my 1st radar detector. i have only had my license for a year but i know how i drive and i feel its time to prevent future tickets. i dont usually go more than 10-15 mph over the speed limit so i dont need top of the line. i narrowed my search down to 4 detectors, all whistlers: 1773, xtr 325, xtr 520, and the xtr 560. the prices are somewhat similar so that is not an issue, i was just wondering if anyone had an opinion on which one i should go with. thanks.

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    Ill consider the Pro 58 in that list , thats the best bang for the buck you can get .

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    I have had a Pro 73 for about 6 months now and have been really impressed at the distance it can pickup radar for the price. It's about $50 or $60 more than the Pro 58 but the only difference is the extra features and the blue text display. It also picks up laser quite well. Same internal organs as the 58. Either way both great choices........

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    I'm on the same boat as well. I just skimmed over's prices on the selected few named and They all seem to be fairly the same prices and the same technology.

    I'm curious to why you guys would no choose the xtr560. since it seem to be a newer unit, should it be able to detected maybe a little better.

    My main choices are to go with pro73/ xtr 560

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    The XTR units are not "recommended" because those units have not been tested yet. But people has said that they have worked good.

    Thowelljr88 I would go with the PRO58 if you don't care about the features, but it is nice sometimes. I have the PRO 58 (which is my first)

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    The Pro series have a two year warranty, which is nice. Maybe the other one does as well.



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