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    Default 2 Whistler Detectors

    I have 2 whistler radar/laser detectors. One I found while I was moving recently, had no idea I even had it. It is a Whistler 945 Superwide Band 2.6. The other is a Whistler 1740 (which I must say appears to be quite large and bulky) that I recently fixed for my cousin, but he decided he didn't want it anymore since he got a new one. The only thing that was wrong with it was a button was stuck from when he dropped it in the truck.

    Just wondering if the 945 would be a up to date detector to use, or if I would be better off with the 1740. Or should I just go out and get me a new one. I read something about a new KU band coming to the US or something.

    Thanks much.


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    1740 is a good detector much better than 945. It saves my ass many times !!!!

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    Lou I would get something newer than either one of those.
    Those are at least 4 years old.

    Many things have changed since those were made. hahahahahaa

    Niether of these models detect POP.
    Range and filtering has gotten better since those units were made.



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