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    Default My trip from Nebraska to Florida with pro-58

    I recently drove down to Orlando from Omaha. I was very excited to use my one week old Whistler Pro-58. As this is my first RD, I am not sure if every RD does this but mine will go off every few minutes while cruising on the highway. It always shows a k-band 2 strength for 4 seconds. I figuired this is leak from cobras and such, but it tended to alert going under most overpasses but also randomly to my knowledge.

    I drove through Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Tennesee, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida

    Iowa & Missouri: This was mid day far from any large citys. I had no encounters with any cops but I was very excited to see it pick up K-band speed signs from .7miles away on an uphill right turn.

    Illinois: As I drove here, I saw about 6-8 state patrols mostly going in the opposite direction and a few that flew pass me but none of them had radars on. By the time I reached St. Louis, it was about 10PM. I saw two cops that had pulled 2 cars over when I decided to slow down to the limit. Further along about 2miles, another car pulled over in the opposite direction. By this time, X-band was alerting from the city, I was getting a few K-band falses when i decided to switch to regular city mode. About 2.5 miles later, my Laser went off. From nearly mute to full volume LASER definately startled me. I was so excited that I had picked up Laser. I kept gettin shot in 3-4 second segments. I got shot 4 times total down a hill. The first time I think was scatter but can't be sure. I kept looking out and there it was, hidden in a dim construction zone an estimated 700-800ft from the first alert. The traffic at this time was light, only a few cars within 100ft of me.

    Tennesee & Georgia: By this time, I had made a conclusion that All State Patrols mostly only used laser. Boy was I wrong. I was cruising at about 82 in the fast lane on a 70mph when I picked up a Ka-band 1strength that went to 2 then disappeared for 3seconds when it reappeared. This is when I knew I had to be carefull. I quickly merged to the right as I watched a few cars I was following keep strollin. Nearly one mile away from when I first got the signal, two SP's sat in opposite directions in a ditch (the median) shooting Ka diagnol accross both sides. By this time, traffic had retarded. Nobody got pulled over but I was impressed. Just one mile down the road, deja-voo. Almost the same thing happen. I had a full strength alert for .3miles.

    Kentucky&Florida: I don't recall driving through much of Kentucky. But in Florida, i've never seen so much state patrol just idleing on the side of the road looking like they are speed trapping but have no radar or laser. I got nervous everytime I saw one but I never got any alerts. I drove up and down this 15mile stretch of highway for 9 days, a total of about 35 times. Everywhere I went, there was a unit but not shooting anything. They also had several speed signs in construction zones that didn't tell you your speed but simply displayed "your speed is too fast" or something similar.

    Overall, I am impressed with the performance of this LRD. It gave me plenty of time to adjust my speed and it was probably too late for laser but it DID infact alert.

    Vehicle: 2005 Chevy Uplander <silver>
    Mounting: dead center above rearview mirror, aimed a few degrees up, under the tint

    GREAT BUY!!!

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    actually it sounds like the whistler alerted you to the scatter. Whistler picks scatter up quite unlike what lab test show. I believe in the real world whistler performs quite well. Lets put it this way I have never gotten a laser or radar ticket when using a whistler. I have gotten several tickets when using the top end Bell Rx 65 so go figure.

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    Yeah, I have a Pro 73 and an RX65 and the 73 is far better in my opinion at detecting laser, scatter or not. Saved me a few times. Awesome detector for the price I must say.

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    Yeah in the laser department whistler is hands down great. Lab results might show different. But I have driven so many miles with the whistler and it just flat out does and awesome job at detecting laser. My bell Rx 65 just doesnt do that well when detecting laser. I have to always point the thing downward for it to detect laser.



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