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    Default Just received my Pro 73

    Just a quick observation. I obviously have a bit to learn as far as what buttons do what

    I used it when I went to lunch and got several X band hits. Obviously they came from the stores where I was at and no police. Then on the way back I also got some K band hits, but I didn't see any police. I'll just have to keep an eye out for these new invisible signals that I never saw before.

    Just before I got back to work though I did change it from Highway mode to City 1. I will give it some time before I do much changing of settings just to get some sort of baseline.

    Some points I like so far:
    1)The blue text looks nice
    2)Volume was at 4 when I got it. I don't know how high it will go but I bumped it up to 6 and that seems to be a nice level
    3)The windshield mounting bracket. Once you form it, it will not move. The Bel 850 STi (which did not work afterall) I tried would slowly angle down. It used a screw to adjust the anlge and even tightened down the angle on it with the RD attached would slowly angle down.
    4)A lot of options. Even if I almost never/never use some of them it is nice to have the option so that I can configure it to what I want. If they didn't have some of the options it may be defaulted in a way I wouldn't want.
    5)Voice alerts
    6)Ease of removal
    7)2 year warranty

    That's all I can think of at the moment.

    I still have to work out a mounting location. Currently I have it mounted high on my widshield, behind my mirror but low enough for me to see the RD display. I may not move it from there because my windshield is very angled. If I moved it half way down the windshield I would hardly be able to even touch it. This pic shows what I mean:

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    Yes if you mount it ever so slightly below the rear view mirror just enough to see the text display. That is the sweet spot. Get a leveler bubble and place it under the radar detector which is the flat part of the detector and make sure the bubble is in the center of the indicator this will ensure the detector is level to the road and horizon. You can pull the detector off the clip and put in the glove box to avoid direct sunlight heat. Always Always Always bring the detector in the house when you dont use it.



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