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    Default Whistler Pro 58 vs Beltronics 795 vs Cobra Pro 9480

    I am new to this forum and thinking of buying a radar detector. Which one is better than the others? Pricewise from high to low: Whistler PRO 58 > Beltronics 795 > Cobra Pro 9480.

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Just for your info. There are no double posting and one of the adminstators will delete it.

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    in this case, no triple posting.
    the others will be removed.

    from other posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by hookem202
    Bel 795. Some pple are very satisfied with their and seem to have exceptional deteion range, while others not so sure. It is said that there are significant differences in range in each unit.

    Cobras are a joke!
    Whistler pro 58 seemed to false alot. Though it is a Rd for less than $100

    If you can wait and save move money, YOU Def. Get more for what you paymaybe get a bel 895 its $199 or maybe a bel vector unit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Red
    bels and whistlers are light years better than cobras.....pick from those two.



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