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    Default really confused

    ive looking to buy my first rd and am thinking about the pro 73. after seeing the test results on i ruled out the xtr series (i was previously thinking about the xtr 425 or 560).

    I know Ku band is used in europe, should we be seeing it here in the us anytime soon?

    is there any other rd out there thats better for the money (under 150) than the whistler pro 73? in a different brand such as cobra or bel?

    thank you.

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    what test results did you see.. i dont see any???

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    if you go to, on the left side click on "buy a radarbusters product".. and then on the right top side click on "radar detector comparison tests", there will be a list of different tests, im basing my choice on the X,K,KA test and POP test.

    it tests out whistler pro 58, 73, xtr 560, and xtr 520 and 560, as well as other high and mid priced RDs.

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    ok i see that... i am confused as well... in talking to whistller tech dept they told me the 560 was supposed to be better than the 73 on k and ka and just slightly worse on laser.. i dont get it either... still waiting for the 2006 tests..



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