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    Default is there any way to make the 1793 display any better during

    the day?????? you can not even tell there is anything on the screen in direct sunlight..?? wow i thought the 995 and even the v1 were bad enough this is horrid... i got it brand new so cheap i just couldnt pass it up... so i cant complain to much i guess but i mean is there anything that can be done?? i was thinking of maybe a piece of 50% window tint across the front to eliminate some of the glare?? or maybe spray the lense with a light coat of night shades?? anyone have any suggestions? thanks

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    I know just what you mean. The display does get horribly washed out in bright daylight shining from certain angles. My solution...

    I don't know how your car is (tint strip on top of winshield, etc.) but on mine this new setup is awesome. Not only is the device protected from the heat of direct sunlight, but it is WAY more stealth. You hardly notice it (unless you are really looking for it) from the front, and at night, I can just flip the passenger visor down to block the display from being read by from behind (by police or other motorists) if I'm paranoid. Oh, and of course the display is able to be read perfectly all the time even on the brightest of days.



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