Hi All,

Just bought a 99 CBR 900RR and am absolutely in love.
Although I'm not out riding wheelies and going 140mph
I DO live in Boulder and man you just gotta get in the corners in the mountains..... 8)

So, I've been looking for a RD setup that will work the best. I've been reading the posts on the Whistler Cruisader and while this setup seems to be the "best fit" I'm a bit leary to run out buy the system. The install isn't a big deal as I love to do things like that. It's the operation of it. It seems that most don't think it performs all that well and has a lot of falsies. I would like a stealth setup but would like to see the rd display as well. My buddie has the Escort 8500 with the H.A.R.D. setup and he loves it. I'd get that setup in a heart beat but no matter where I mount it it blocks the gauges. If the Escort came with external sensors for radar I could mount in front and back I'd be golden. I see the mounts available for the 8500 but seems like it would still obstruct my view of the dash. Plus it's a big addition to the profile of the bike.

The $1200-$1400 stealth setups are out, so.....

What do you guy's think?
Does anyone have rd setup on a 900rr? Do I need to wait for the next greatest thing? Not looking for perfect, just perfect for me 8)