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    Default WHISTLER DE1734 is it worth it?

    i am looking for a rd and need help . can n e body tell me if the WHISTLER DE1734 is worth buying?

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    imo, no if your in that price range i would go for at least a bel e795 for anywhere from $60-100 i had one and bought it for $75, imo i thought it was a good detector for the money. just my idea though

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    Purchase a Whistler DE-1793SE.

    I did and would certainly recommend this unit. For $99 I'm very well protected. The only downside is false alerts from stores and Cobras (though you learn to differentiate real threats from falses pretty quickly).

    Search around and you'll find some examples or protection I receive such as:

    That LEO encounter was on Ka-Band, the hardest radar to detect... and you'll see it did just fine.



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