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    ok.. i'm kind of loosing my patience...

    am i just not mounting my detector at right place or is my detector all messed up.. i'm using pro 73..

    i'm driving down the highway.. i notice a mustang gt cop hiding with his window pulled down all the way shooting his detector right pass by me.. i didn't get any signal... or was it he was just pretending to be shooting the radar gun.. i have my detector mounted as lowest possible on my windshield.. not as close so my whiper(sp?) isn't blocking..

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    first off, it's most likely laser and not radar. there is little you can do about laser with a detector, unless you have a v1 which is good with detecting laser. as far as mounting your detector i would mount it as high and level as you can near the rvm this way you can get the best radar detection. i wouldnt worry about laser too much and if you've got the cash invest in a jammer if you want

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    Yeah, the situation you describe sounds like the cop was shooting laser... in which case no radar detector is going to help you (the V1 is the best, but even so 99% of the time it will be too late by the time it alerts you).

    If you know it was a radar gun and not laser, then most likely he was not shooting it when you drove by.

    Test out your RD at a local shopping center... there's bound to be at least a few automatic door openers operating on X or K-band. That'll let you know that it's at least functioning properly. Finally, I would mount as high as possible like xrs9430 mentioned.

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    hhmm so yall r suggesting to me to mount the detector close to my back mirror right?? its pretty confusing because on the manual. it tells me to mount it as low as possible.. =/

    and yeah i sometimes get detection saying "laser" but it would beep for 3 second and go off..

    and i guess my RD works fine because EVERYTIME i pass by gas station with autometic door, IT ALWAYS gives me X or K band.. sometimes even Ka band.. =/

    and can any whistler pro 73 users please tell me what VG-2, SR and POP modes are?? and whether if i should have them on or not..

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    Well you can turn off VG2, SR and POP...You don't need them on.

    If you like to mount your detector Low please make sure it has a completely unobstructed view of the road ahead

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