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    Default Whistler 1670 vs pro 58

    Hey guys, i recently purchased a new Pro 58 to replace my old 1670 which i had hard wired to my old car. I'm kinda disappointed so far. You'd expect the new 58 to be superior in most ways. I'm wondering if the quality of the old 1670 offsets the newness of the 'cheap' pro 58. What do you guys think? I'm trying to decide if i want to keep the 58, or return it and stick to the 1670 for a little longer.

    For example

    - I drive by a store that I always detected X band with my old radar detector, but with the 58, first i get K, then Ka, and then X, all within in 2-3 seconds at the same spot.

    - Volume is pathetic on the 58. It's not so much I listen to loud music, i just want the RD to be LOUD and clear when it picks up a strong signal.

    - THe 58 seems to pick a lot of extra junk randomly. I get level 2 K so common im almost starting to ignore it, which is not good. The 58 seems much more sensitive, but the 1670 seems better at filtering out the junk.

    - The 58 has better laser detection hands down than the 1670, but i dont think that alone is justification to use it.


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    My friend just bought a PRO 58 and we were driving around town testing it out. It did false A LOT. I drove right by Best Buy where my X50 has ALWAYS gotten a K band alert and it didn't find anything.

    At staples it got a good K band signal as normal. But at the second stables down the road a bit, it detected K, Ka, and then X (in that order) when it's really K band.

    Also at the cinemas it detected the K band as Ka.

    I think this detector is just confusing all the bands....maybe we have to shut off the stupid features like VG-2 to help it out. Also POP isn't used around here so I'm going to try and shut that off too.

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    what settings are you running??



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