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    Default Whistler xtr-560

    I am new to this forum as a poster, but I have studied it now for several weeks. I am looking to buy my wife a RD for her birthday, and I am wanting to spend in the $150 total range. The one I have been looking at is the Whistler XTR-560 that Wal-mart offers. It seems to have a few decent things said about it in the Whistler forum, and the last one we owned was a Whistler.

    My wife drives 50miles one way to work and tops out at about 80mph. There are a few "slow down" areas on the way to work, 35-45mph zones, even though they are four lane roads. About 25 miles of the trip is interstate 459 in Birmingham, AL.

    I would appreciate any input about the product or from anyone living in my area. I have seen the Pro 73 on Radar Roy's website, and I was also wondering if these two units were similar.
    Thanks for reading, and thanks for your time,

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    For CONTANT-ON radar, it will give you enough of a warning. For INSTANT-ON radar where the LEO turns on/off the radar quickly to obtain a speed reading, unless you have a rabbit (someone in front of you) you can pick up the LEO instant on another car ahead as I have picked up with my SRT-30R you should be good but if you are the direct target without him doing it to another car, you're pretty much caught. This is true for ALL RDs as if you are the direct target without the LEO targeting anyone else, no RD can help ya there.

    Laser is a whole different ball game. If you're lucky the RD *might* alert you to laser but by that time it's too late.

    Over all it should be a good RD but I have never used one so I can't say for sure exactly just how good/bad it is.

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    Thanks for your help. I also found a site that has a Bel Vector 940 on sale for 140. Are even the older Bel models still top notch?


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    I would absolutely go with the 940 over the Whistler...better detector all around

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    Look at the 1793SE before the Pro-73. Same performance, though better features. Only plus for the Pro-73 is the display when in bright sunlight... which is negated by a good hardwired high install.



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