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    Default What's Causing My False?

    When I am northbound, the signal begins on a hill and ends at the bottom of it. K-band, 2 bars going up to 4. It disappears about 500 feet before one of those orange, rolling road work signs, but I see no radar on the sign itself. Active for maybe 30 seconds. Coming southbound, it starts again on a hill and stops at the bottom again, K-band starting at 2 bars, ending at 5. It terminates just before another of those signs, but it is on the opposite side of the interstate facing AWAY from the road. And neither sign is on.

    When I drove to the west side of the I, I got NO signal at all. So I cruised back east. Nothing going east, nothing going south on frontage road. Turning north -- bingo. K-band 4 and 5 bars. Again right around the sign.

    The sign itself has no power. The solar panel is not deployed and there's no hardwire to it. I see no radar gun on it.

    There is a possible train crossing radar on the west side, about 1000 yards from the highway. Looks like a camera with a solar panel. But when I was driving toward it, nothing.

    SO I think my mystery signal is either coming from the sign or from an emitter I can't see on the east side of the highway. I get no signal on the west side, so I think that's ruled out.

    There were too many yokels in pickups for me to do much more searching, so I still don't know what the F is causing that alert.

    WTF is alerting?!?!

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    See my post under the what do you consider a false thread.

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    OK, I am almost convinced this is the highway safety signs.

    As I proceeded southbound tonight, I came around a turn and got a K-band strength of 2. It ramped quickly to 4, 6, then 9. It remained at 9 until I passed a safety sign at the entrance to a rest area that is under construction. As soon as I passed, it dropped to 4, then quickly stopped.

    Now, at the same spot as before, I still got the K-band alert, but it again went up to 9, and I think I saw another sign, closer to the highway than it was before. Tomorrow, I will have my SWS on when I pass these signs, checking to see what alerts I get on it (if any).

    Here's the rest area alert:

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    Woo hoo! Confirmed the sign as the source tonight. There were more cars on the road, so I only had about .5 miles of warning (it is on a curve...), but it went 2, 4, 7, 9 and stayed at 9 until I passed it. It dropped to 4 and then disappeared.

    So the falses in this area -- confirmed with the SIGNS!

    Not truly falses.

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    I've noticed some construction light-up signs emitting X or K band... I suspect they're drones deployed to slow down those with radar detectors.



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