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    Default Pro-73 Gets a LASER Save!

    This was about the luckiest damn thing ever, but check this out.

    First, I have to qualify this. I was headed north on I25 approaching County Line Road, where I have seen the Lone Tree PD sitting in their HUMMER. I thought they were shooting X-band at me the first time I went through--it was a NINE on the meter...but in the few times through there since, I've figured out that's a very consistent, very strong FALSE. It's there every time. New signal, too. So I assumed the Lone Tree guy was just "monitoring traffic," not gunning people.

    So anyway, I'm heading through the same area. It's 65 mph, I'm doing about 72-73. There's a dip, then you start up a hill toward the County Line Rd on-ramp. There's a silver Sentra about my 2-oclock position who I am starting to pass. We're about a quarter mile from the merge. I had X-band at 7 bars at this point.

    In the matter of a couple of seconds, the following happened:

    1. I spotted the Lone Tree Hummer at the on-ramp and at the same time, my Whistler Laser alert went off. The laser alert made my heart skip a beat and my foot jump to the brake JUST enough to click out of cruise.

    2. I downshifted, dropping to 67 or so, but was still passing the Sentra, who was gong under the limit.

    3. As I edged ahead of the Sentra, the Laser alert stopped for about a second, then started again, with higher strength.

    Result: no ticket.

    With the first alert, there was no way the cop had me. The Sentra was directly between him and I, so I am confident it was scatter off the Sentra (thank GOD he was silver!). With the second one, I'm certain he had targeted me since I had just moved into a position where he could.

    And all this with my RD mounted high and left of my RVM!

    The Lone Tree guys are said to be pretty ruthless with their enforcement, so I am considering this a SAVE for the Whistler. I am DAMN lucky that Sentra was there, and will approach that intersection at or under the limit from now on.

    And I am definitely ordering a laser shield and some veil as soon as I have $$$. Damn. That was too close for comfort.

    But it was nice to see the Whistler alert so well on laser...I'll do a map of the setup later and post it.

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    Here's the map:

    Google Earth says I was about 800 feet away on the first hit, and 300-350 on the second one...

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    Good explanation , so the Leo is set up to fire even entering drivers ...easy preys for the hungry bear ...

    sooner or later , j.... becomes a must :shock:

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    Yeah, but I have yet to see them pull someone there. It's RIGHT on the edge of their jurisdiction. And just about everything can outrun their H3 lol.



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