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    Default Whistler or Beltronics?

    I posted this under the beltronics section but I thought I should try and post it here as well in case the forums under specific brands are a little biased.

    Okay, so I was just about to set out to purchase a Cobra 9930 (yes I know, big mistake) because not only did it claim to have everything, it has a color screen that looks cooler than any of the other rd's I've seen AND it was on sale! I must say that I'm disappointed that none of the other rd's in its price range "look" that cool, but I know I have to keep my priorities in mind and that would be to not get a ticket. The thing is, the customer reviews on the product at circuit city actually seemed promising with comments like "the best rd I've ever tried". Thank God I found this site- and after reading only a few posts, it was obvious that I should not purchase this cobra (or "crapra" as many of you call it, lol). All I can say about this is hopefully the other "better" brands will catch on and see that this "crapra" is luring in people like me, who know little to nothing about radar detectors, with it's neat monitor like screen and perhaps try and add a similar useless feature like this to their products as well. Smile
    Anyway, since Cobra is out of the question now (bye-bye pretty screen *sigh*) I want to ask you guys for advice on which one I should get now. I'm getting it as a last minute Christmas present, and times running out for me so any advice would be greatly appreciated. After reading through the forums and also browsing through Radar Roy's site, it came down to 2 brands for me: Beltronics and Whisler. I see that Roy recommends the Whisler Pro 73 for its price range. As for the Beltronics brand, the one Roy recommends (Vector-995) is not in the price range I'm looking for and I can't seem to find much about what he thinks of the other vectors. But then I came to these forums and read that those of you who have the Bel V 940 and the Bel V 955 are quite content with their purchases and seem to think that these are the best in its price range. So now I'm stuck...I've heard good things about all 3 of them. Can someone please help me to decide which one I should get and why?

    I'm looking for a good radar detector under $200. The Beltronics V 940, the Beltronics V 955, and the Whisler Pro 73 are the 3 that seem to be the ones I should pick from. I need to decide today!-help!

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    I posted my response in the Beltronics forum section.

    (PS: The Admins/Mods get a bit apprehensive about double posting)
    -Thats just a heads up- :wink:



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