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    Default How to hardwire my xtr560?

    Kind of a newbie question here but how exactly would I hardwire my detector into my car.....I would like to mount it high right above the rvm and I have the hardwire kit from the whistler website. The more details the better...Thanks!

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    Default Mounting mine this weekend

    I will be mounting my 560 in my 05 Monte SS today.
    Planning on grabbing power from the map lights and mounting it so that it just peeks below the blackout of the glass.

    Since I have an overhead console my plans are to pull it down, drill and mount a barrel plug jack on the rear side of it with a 2 amp fuse. Then I plan to make a short double male cord to go from the detector to the jack.

    If also considered disassembling my detector and having a custom overhead console cover made so that my mileage/compass/economy display is combined with the detector all behind the same single bezel.
    (I like to hide my stuff)

    It would be helpful if you mentioned what type of vehicle you have. :-)



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