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    Default Should I replace the Pro-58 with a 560?

    I think when the Pro 58 gets here on Friday I will try it out and send it back and get a 560 because it has a ear plug attachment and also it is suppose to have better filtering,but about the same range. I like whistler customer service and when i go look a Bel or passport it looks like they get a F in customer service and there stuff breaks all the time,I think its good to try a few detectors before you stay with one. 8) Maybe I should just send back the pro-58 and wait for the 07 models might be the best idea. I can use the pro-58 for three weeks then get my dough back and get a 07 model-good plan :roll: On the other hand, the Pro-58 just might be a excellent detector and I might just keep it :idea:Hey if I pop a wheelie and just do the speed limit,I shouldn't get a ticket :twisted:

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    The 560's range is slightly lower than the Pro 58/73's, but does add Ku-band and better VG-2 immunity.

    As far as filtering, I've heard wishy-washy stories both ways, so I'd have to venture to say no change in filtering... I guess one of the Whistler guys can give an authoritative answer on that?

    Basically, stick with your Pro-58, it's a solid detector and will continue to perform well

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    Owning both I like the XTR-560 better.
    Where I live it does not false as much as my PRO 58 does.
    The one thing I do not like about the XTR-560 is the size of it.
    It is a big detector.

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    boomerman, can i ask you... where do you live/ what kind of place is it (city, country, etc.) im considering the pro-73, pro-58, and xtr-560 at the moment and thinking about getting the xtr-690 when it comes out.

    which would you recommend for houston texas streets and why? (lots of traffic and cops) i looked it up and k, ka, and laser are used most often down here. id be willing to sacrifice a little distance for better filtering.

    i just cant decide between these and cant afford an 8500x50. thanks for your help.



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