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    Default Whistler Fuzion - Is laser only a possibility?

    I currently have a Bel RX65 but I am considering adding a Whistler Fuzion for added laser protection, since I could mount its laser unit somewhere in my front grill. I don't want to run two radar detectors in the car, so I wonder:

    1. Will the Fuzion work (laser only, of course) if I don't connect the radar unit, and only connect the laser unit?

    2. Assuming it will work, would I be correct in assuming that without the radar unit attached, the Fuzion would not emit or receive any radio energy in such a way as to interfere with my Bel RX65?

    3. Any better ideas? I would just add a laser jammer, but I live in a state where jamming laser is unlawful...

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    The Fuzion requires the radar antenna to be plugged in otherwise there will be a communication error.

    Check around the internet as there are some stand alone laser receivers available.

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    Thanks for the info, Michael B. I've googled extensively looking for a stand alone laser detector, but I can only find jammers. Would you happen to know the name of any of these stand alone laser detectors, or where I could find them? Thanks

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    Doesn't the fuzion have the option to individually turn bands on and off? and if so, can't he turn off all bands?

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    Turning off all bands probably just makes the software not trigger an alert for any signals detected... not completely shut off the detector circuitry



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