I Got The Xtr-220 Recently And Its Pretty Good.I havent been on the highway yet but i have gotten some good calls from it..i leave it on highway all the time so sometimes i do get false alerts,but i the locations of them.i've gotten 2 far range readings already..both were about 15 seconds before i was near the cop,i couldnt even see them when it fiurst went off.also i passed an undercover and got nothing,but i was waiting at a stoplgiht he was about 250 behind me and 20 seconds into waiting Ka starting going off..he thought he was slick waiting for me to speed but wasnt gonna happen..if ur looking into it its good,im sure the most expensive are the best but this one is defenitly good for the money..i payed 50 bucks on ebay for it so go there first to look..anyelse got any good 220 stories?hows the highway range?