Since I retired my V960 and got the Pro-58, I feel that Bel is expensive for a reason.

Although the V960 produce more falses on door openers and home alarms, it actually was more sensitive compare to the Pro-58 in terms of perpendicular (90 degrees) radar signal. With the Pro-58, I have to get close to the source before it produces some rapid beeps. The Bel, it would have told me gradually from far away.

The Whistler is also quiet even I set volume to 7, I couldn't hear it loud enough when the windows are open, and stereo is on. Where the V960 is loud when I set to only 5 (max 9)

While Whistler offered to take the Pro-58 to have a "listen" to the low volume, I doubt it will help a lot as I am not the first one to complain about the volume. Yes, I have to send it in.. and probably lose it for 2 weeks.

I still miss many of Bel's features such as AutoMute where it will produce a "click" sound, and faster button response from selections to selections. Sometimes I feels better when I hear falses.