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    Default Brick and Mortar Stores that Carry Whistlers

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any Brick and Mortar stores that carry Whistler detectors (preferably a wide range).



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    I think RS would be the only one, and they don't necessarily carry a vast amount.

    Other than that - it looks like you're ordering it online.

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    Brick and Mortar stores? As in an actual physical store to walk in to?

    Radio Shack does have some, but it carries alot more Cobras. At Walmart I've only seen 1-2 models. Best Buy is usually only Escort and Cobras, while Circuit City is various Beltronics units and Cobras. Damn, Cobras are everywhere!

    If it came to it, you can order a Whistler from Radio Shack's online store and have it delivered to the store. You can do this with Circuit City and Best Buy as well.

    For the "ultimate" selection and probably prices, I'd just shop online. If you don't want to use your credit card online or w/e, you can buy temporary Visa check cards. I think you can get them at CVS or something. Go by the name of Green Dot or something like that.



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