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    Default 1793SE Threat Detection impresses again!

    Once again, my 1793SE did a fantastic job of identifying a real threat from a non-threat.

    This time, while alerting very strongly to a K-band signal (7 bars but decreasing, from an initial 9 bars), the unit suddenly switches to X-band and the signal strength changes to 4 bars (and then begins increasing instead of decreasing). This switch from K-band to X-band (YES, the opposite of what you generally would expect given the X, K, Ka, Laser hierarchy) was prompted by the introduction of a NJSP X-band radar signal to the already present K-band "Your Speed Is" sign signal.

    The encounter is pictured below:

    Typical Day

    Non- + Real Threats

    I specifically mentioned the hill because there is absolutely no LOS from one side of the blue line to the other (that is the crest of a 20+ ft. hill).

    At ~1350 ft. from the K-band sign, the RD's alert changes to X-band (even though the Trooper was 2600 ft. away --> twice the speed sign distance!) and the strength drops from 7 bars to 4 bars (very consistent distance/ alerted strength ratio).

    Although not as impressive as my previous story, this is another example of why I'm very pleased with my 1793SE's performance <knocks on wood>.

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    The 1973SE changes signal strength approx every 3db.

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    Good to hear! I'd like to try that model out some day. I started to get worried when lots of cops started using I\O around here versus the normal constant-on, but as of recent many are back to the constant k\ka and I had a very nice K-band pick up the other night, starting out with a strength of two and ramping up nicely 'till full. Always nice to see that.

    I haven't tried many other Whistlers, but I always find it very easy to tell a real threat from a false with my unit, even when driving inner-city. It seems the detector is much more active when alerting to real police radar, versus a stationary door-opener or other source of false.



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