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    Default Another Advantage to the Pro-78

    There is a hill I cross on my way to work every day. Two roads intersect at the top of the hill, and it is in line of sight to the Springs airport. My Pro-73 ALWAYS gave me a Ka-band alert there. I've pointed it out on several of my examples, including the 3-miler I got on K-band against the El Paso County Sheriff.

    So anyway, I have crossed that intersection three times with the Pro 78 and it has reported it as K-band every time. Ka didn't make sense for the airport, but K-band does.

    So I PM'd MichaelB and asked. Sure enough, Whistler took steps to eliminate the confusion between bands for the 78. Should be no more K-Ka screw ups!

    Of course, that means my 3-mile K-band hit was probably the airport, with the 73 being wrong...but oh well.

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    Default great

    Thx StealthCB for all the testing you are doing between the Pro-73/78. You are our Whistler man StealthCB.



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