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    Default Whistler Users -- Videos Needed

    So I was looking through the video section and I noticed that there aren't any Whistler videos other than one underwhelming SRT-35 vid. I don't have a digital camcorder, but I'm trying to track one down so I can do some vids. Anyone else have a camera they can use for this?

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    I'll give it a try... though I can almost guarantee you will probably get nauseous from major camera shaking trying to film, steer, and shift gears at the same time, haha.

    I can get K-band and maybe an X-band example, using "Your Speed Is..." signs. Though as for actual encounters... I'm not going to hold the camera while driving for who knows how long before I get some footage. I'd use a webcam to get footage of real encounters... however the quality would probably be sh!tty (it's a cheap 7 year old webcam).

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    I posted a Pro-73 one a long time ago. It's still on youtube.



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