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    Default Axius Window Film ON and IN FRONT OF a 1793SE

    OK, so I have a high mount <see below>.

    As you can all see, it's mounted as high as it possibly can be in my car, just below the factory tint strip (dye) on the windshield. My personal testing has revealed no noticeable decrease in radar detection range from this mounting location or behind the dye (in fact, being higher on the windshield has increased warnings).

    Now, to the questions.

    1) In order to further reduce the attention the RD may draw from motorists (aka LE) coming up behind me at night (I already run DIM mode), I want to put some Axius Insta-Cling Windshield Tint Strip (35%) over the display to further reduce the illumination transparent through the back window.

    It's static-cling (so sticks nicely to the plastic face of the 1793SE) and non-metallic.

    Are there any obvious downsides to placing this on the display or anyway that the performance of the detector could diminish as a direct result?
    I thought about the fact that the tint strip could act as an insulator trapping more heat in the unit... though if the unit isn't in direct sunlight, would this really be any issue (does much if any heat escape to air via the plastic display)?
    Second, there is no radar-specific design considerations that were taken into account w/the layout of the display, correct? Obviously there is no rear antenna, but whether or not the display is concealed should have no affect whatsoever, right?

    Finally, I was considering using the tint to extend my windshield coverage another inch or so (and make the current dye area even darker) for a totally stealth (from the front at least) setup. I noticed on V1's site:

    "Some tint films also have metallized layers. Car and Driver supplied samples from Wal-Mart (Axius brand) and AutoZone (Gila brand). The Axius films have no effect on radar reception in our tests."

    So the additional tint, again, shouldn't have any affect on radar reception... only laser pick-up, right?

    Basically this thread is just me seeking reassurance because I know I'd somehow perceive a decline in performance even if there really wasn't one. Michael B... care to provide me some reassurance? haha

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    No. It's over the display of a Whistler which doesn't have an antenna for the rear. The only way I could see this being a problem is on a V1 which has an antenna at both the front and rear.

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    Bump for opinions, comments, suggestions from my fellow RD users.

    I had figured Michael B. would pass right over this one...

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    i use the same static cling stuff myself.

    i see no problem cutting to fit on your display.

    also, i see no problem using it on your windshield.
    radar will be unaffected, and it shouldn't have much if any impact on laser, but as you know i would never rely on a detector for laser anyway.

    that stuff is a bit of a pain to work with, and a second person makes the install easier.
    water and a squeegee or credit card works well though.

    you could always play with a "rough" install to see how it lines up, and adjust it up or down.
    from the front, even if you have the bottom tint line just slightly above the detector, no one will see it from the front.



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