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    Default HappyA$$ First Impressions on 78 ????

    Watcha think so far

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    Thus far, mine seems to be good at picking up Target's, Eckerds, and gas stations. I haven't found any legit radar yet that I know of. I did get a blip on the way to work on the highway, then it stopped. About a half mile ahead on the other side the Hwy Patrol had someone pulled over but they must have turned their radar off after stopping the car.

    I think Target was setting off K band and Eckerds was setting of X band. I'm pretty sure my local LEO's run X so I can't turn that off.

    I guess it's too early for me to really make judgement, but I don't think my old radar detector (POS PNI bluelight special) went off this much (it did go off at Eckerds though), so that tells me that the Pro98 is more sensative which is a good thing. It's not very stylish, pretty boxy and ugly, and a little bigger than my older RD not that it really matters. It is nice that it remembers settings and such, though you don't seem to be able to disable VG2 on this model.

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    Default well

    Well, StealthCB seems to be enjoying his.

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    I was hoping that happya$$ would be able to try riding around with his detector soon. I think once he trys the whistler out he might find himself using it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whistlerfan
    I was hoping that happya$$ would be able to try riding around with his detector soon. I think once he trys the whistler out he might find himself using it.
    I hope so because then I could off load $$$$$$$ of high end detectors. Right now I am testing the 9500i and V1 1.7 2.909. Next week I am testing the 78.
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    buyradardetectors rocks!

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    As a high end unit owner myself. I have found their is life outside of high end $$$ units, that provide way more then ample time to slow down and plenty of feature to keep anybody happy and that brand is whistler. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting to much bang for my buck then I should.

    One thing I always recommend to everybody is to read the entire whistler manual no matter how basic or rerun material you read. This always takes care of allot of problems and the complaints of falsing with whistler. Especially since whistler has taken care most of the problem with the filters now. Even on previous whistler models people would complain about the falsing and then when you tell them to throw the d a m n thing into city 2 mode then all of a sudden they stop posting.

    The only thing I dont agree on with whistler in the manual is the mounting position they say to mount low. I differ I think slightly below the rear view mirror tends to be the better spot and field of view. This gets the detector up high enough that it can see through other car windshields I have picked up many laser saves this way. With whistler having great laser detection it just makes it all that much better. O and one last things always always use a leveler bubble on the underside of the detector when mounting this ensure levelness. This helps to solve the anal retentive problems of levelness or to what are eye perceives as being level.

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    I have the pro-73 I have really got my use out of the unit, I love it... Maybe not the range of an escort or valentine, but ample time for most radar encounters (failed me in a lidar approach once... it went off... but well too late... waiting for LI to ship...)

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    it failed you probably because you did not leave a rabbit infront of you. Remember even for radar going anymore more then 5 mph over PSL is dangerous without a rabbit. I fear instant on way more then laser. Also dont speed when going up hills or long sweeping curves this will get you out of 90% of laser traps. The key is not to have a dual off with you LI in the first place it should be a last resort.

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    We all like to have rabbit in front,but that's not allways posibile.Lot of times at night....empty country road...nobody around for miles....and all the sudden RD starts screaming at you.....if it's Laser or IO you are TOAST :!:

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    Like I said no more then 5 or 6 over psl anymore then that and your pushing your luck when your the only one on the road. IO is way more deadly then laser. Yes laser is very dangerous. But I have found even with no countermeasures some officers have a hard time locking on with laser in the real world their are allot of variables that play into laser of course allot of times they do get fast lock ons. I normally use countermeasures when driving veil, etc but with instant on. Its just that its instant theres no chance of reaction time what so ever.



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