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    Default Proud of Whistler not having these problems

    This just really sums up why I am with whistler now more so then escort or bell. This crap gets old to quick to fast. This was a user who treated his unit well. It still f him big time. I always like the comfort feeling that when I plug my RD into the car in the morning its not gonna pop up a self cal message. Nor do I have to fear the message.

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    I agree, but I am a little concerned that two members of the forums have had problems with their Pro-78s. I'm hoping those are anomalous and not indicative of a trend.

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    Default Re: Proud of Whistler not having these problems


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    Actually I use to be under a different username until I got tired of that one. So I have been around this forum allot longer then most people including you. So with that said lets get a few things straight. If you cant handle a little character suggestive language then you need to stop reading forums period or stop going out in the public. Also don't make derogatory comments on a certain class since your trailer park relation degrades or defines class on particular group that lives in trailer parks. This is a personal attack and goes off topic and in this forum will get you ban much quicker then suggestive language. You have been warn. I will let this personal attack slide but normally I would report it to radarroy.

    Now with that said. Bel has had a long standing history of shelved detectors ones that do not last after a appreciable life span the all to common self cal/serv message. Also bell has been long standing noted for a detector working fine and then going south out of no where. Whistler if it seems to works fine as it should from the start you have a strong 99 to 98% chance you will have no problems with it ever I have some of whistler group inc first detectors and they still work to this day. I have bought many bells through the years as well. Most of them sit on the shelf and do not work but they did work at one time. The few whistler units that have come up and they are defective. They where either defective or their is also a strong possibility the unit was miss treated when in transit to the house. Mail service doesn't always treat package like they should. This stands true with many things I have order online and when I get the product the casing is crack or damage or the electronic item fails to startup has occurred in transit. Most Bells are not sold at walmart only special stores. Whistler is sold at most 90% walmart area stores and considering the fast rate at which they get bought at. I would call this a good size share of people buying them. Maybe not as great as cobra though.

    If you never own a bell then you probably don't share my frustration or can even comment on the serious problem bell has had with the majority of units producing self cal messages and their unwillingness to fix it.

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    Wait, wait. I'm still trying to find his bad language. Was it "crap?" OMG if that's the case, lighten up, Mother Theresa. If it was the "f" him big time comment, again, untie that knot your panties are in. It's an internet forum, not Sunday mass. It's not like every other word was a cuss word. THere was one abbreviated obscenity.

    Second, what do you care how he toots his horn? What business is it of yours? The reliability of Whistlers has been one of their strong points. Other RDs have other strong points, but no Whistler has ever gotten a Self-Cal message. It simply doesn't happen. And when one does break or have other issues, Michael B has come on these boards PERSONALLY and had the units sent to him for repair. Unlike other companies that don't seem to care.

    Oh, and my wife grew up in trailers. If you have something to say about it, perhaps you should reconsider just who has to clean up their language.

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    Thanks StealthCB

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    Hmmm, would a Whistler het a Self-Cal messege? Or do they have their own little way of saying there's a problem. How about on the ones without text display? Just something I'd like to know

    Yes, I grew up in a trailer as well. Now it's a house But that's beside the point. Of the two Belscort detectors, neither has given me problems with Self-Cal or Service required (knock on wood.) Of course I'm not saying that such things do not happen. I do recognize that errors/ bugs can and do happen, especially to the Belscorts (I was going to say the V1s as well, but..... :roll: .) I guess I've just been lucky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEM-TEK

    My sincerest apologies to you.

    Yesterday I wasn't in my normal jovial mood after spending hours on the phone talking to numerous metal building manufacturers. They are like used car salesmen! I would call for a price quote and instead of transferring my call to a professional and courteous sales department, they would "accidentally" transfer my call to the "manufacturing floor". I then would get a "floor manager" who would claim, "Oh ****, I can't believe the receptionist transferred your call down here to manufacturing. What size building did you need? ... Guess what? We have a completed shop building which a customer paid a deposit on and it never was delivered. The customer has lost his deposit. Let me talk with my boss. Maybe we can let you have the building for only $9,000. My boss says that we will pay the shipping costs. So, do you want to buy it right now?"

    Anyway, you get the idea. I was in a bad mood after dealing with their bait tactics and outright lies. Actually, I know several used car salesmen who are more professional and honest!

    That took some cajones. Good post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthcb
    I agree, but I am a little concerned that two members of the forums have had problems with their Pro-78s. I'm hoping those are anomalous and not indicative of a trend.
    I sent mine to Michael B yesterday, so I'm not worried



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