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    Default Ka 35.5 and my Pro 78 today!

    Well the title says it all, I finally had a Ka (35.5) encounter this afternoon!

    I was travelling southbound and the poilce officer was running northbound with his radar on constant. All of a sudden I received a Ka blip and my head was on a swivel trying to locate the source. Then another two blips at strength of 3 & 4, finally a good steady alert at strength of 6-7 and I look ahead and as soon as he is in my field of view, full scale!!! Very nice ramp up!

    The exciting part is at this location there is a long sweeping curve in the road just enough to where the first alert I got, he was out of the line of sight and on the other side of the curve. On my way back, I guesstimated where he would have been when I received my first alert, and I know where I was located, so being a little conservative my odometer clicked off .6 miles! Oh yeah this was in heavy traffic too, so that probably made the detection range a little assumption.

    So, a 35.5 Ka encounter at approximately .6 miles with less than optimal conditions...I'm grinning from ear to ear!

    The settings I am now running: Highway, Filter 2, Pop on, all bands on.

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    Very nice! I WISH I could get a Ka hit or two. I'm about tired of K-band all the time.



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