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    Default Whistler Owners on Outside Posters

    Some of you might not venture over to the radar detector general section. I please ask that you do every once in a while because their is always somebody that makes false statements about whistler or they have never owned a top end whistler and make all kinds of crazy statements about it being not good at detecting radar etc. This is of course false and misleading people and many times their is nobody to defend the whistler product at all.

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    ^^^ ya just saw your post in the Gen. Section. Don't have mine yet but, I'm sure I won't be dissapointed.

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    gave my $.02!!

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    I do not have a problem with people giving their opinion but for crying out loud use the damn product first. At first I purchased the Pro 78 and 690 to show support for Michael B.. I was not expecting much from these two units but I am impressed. I will continue to test them thoroughly and the more time that passes by the more detailed analysis I will be able to give
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    happya$$ I think you can fully see now the fustration we have with these other posters. Making totally false claims and dont even own a whistler to begin with or have never touched one ever. They will say whistler doesnt detect radar good, I dont trust it. I ask have you ever own one of whistler top end models they will say no. So that totally make there whole post invalid. This perception across this board of whistler sucking and cobra is better then whistler has got to stop. Even if it means we have to get radarroy involved. People are entitled to their opinion but making false claims brings this high class board to a much lower level then it ever should be



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