This morning on the way to work I encountered a parked police car with his X-band gun running constant. I am very familiar with this small town and knew the car was probably parked at the police station. I was driving eastbound on Main St. and received my first X-band alert at .35 miles away. At first glance that doesnít seem too impressive, but the police station is off of Main St on a side road and the police car was parked facing southbound towards Main St. (perpendicular to my direction of travel) and roughly 150í down this side road! I call that good-

Next, since the police car was parked, I decided to make another run coming towards the radar source running northbound. I encounter this setup just about everyday, so I am very familiar with where my Escort 8500 gives me my first alert. As I was approaching the spot where my 8500 always alerts, which is roughly 0.4 miles from the source, the Pro 78 came to life! So with this particular setup the Pro 78 matched the 8500 in X-band detection! This area isnít ideal due to a right hand curve and very thick vegetation and tree canopy that covers the road, so the 0.4 mile alert in my mind is excellent given the roadway conditions.

This afternoon in the same small town, I got another X-band alert and this time after 3/4 of a mile I see the cop was pulled over in a parking lot checking locked doors on some business with his radar pointing away from me. The Pro78 gave me a very nice ramp up too!!!

So another thumbs up for the Pro 78!