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    Default Pro 78 beats Raleigh PD!

    (This happened in Raleigh, NC where they use Ka 35.5)

    Today on the way home from work, I was approaching a hill where the PSL is 45mph, and unless you break, by the time you get to the bottom and around a curve, you are easily running 55-60mph. I got a quick Ka alert in an area where I have seen Ral. PD set up before. I immediately check up and get to the PSL. The alert stopped and then came back. I knew they were shooting IO to unsuspecting vehicles coming around the curve at the bottom of the hill. Approximately 1/2 mile after my initial alert, and after several intermittent alerts, I come around the curve and got blasted with IO Ka from two motorcycle units tucked in nicely on the side of the road. The Pro-78 owned 35.5 in this encounter! (Thanks to rabbitts in front of me of course!)

    Over the past few days, I have been using Filter 1 and still getting some Ka falses. Yesterday I bumped up to Filter 2 and so far no falses are getting through. For reasons I can't really explain, when I received my first Ka alert today, I could tell by the way the 78 alerted, it was real. Call it my sixth sense, but I honestly believe the detector behaved differently to this real alert.

    I'm happy- Now where did I put that hardwire cord?!?! :wink:

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    I think it just goes to show you that factors can play into picking up radar. In this case you owned 35.5 ka

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    Nice save!
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