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    Default Quick road trip w/ Pro78

    Today took a nice day trip from Raleigh to Hickory, NC to visit some family. Drove about 15mph above PSL for most of the day, utilizing rabbits of course, and making sure I was never 1st in line!!

    Had a few Ka 35.5 encounters with NCSHP and one encounter with a protable K-band speed sign in a construction zone in Winston Salem.

    First SHP encounter, he was running vascar from an on-ramp...I scrubbed off speed in a hurry before that second painted line!!

    Second SHP encounter, I was travelling back on EB I-40 and got a few weak Ka alerts, and approxmately 0.4 miles later full blast IO. He was running west bound. Plenty of time to get to PSL!

    Third encounter with SHP...not so good! I was running in the center lane, with a car about 4 car lengths ahead camped out in the fast lane. Had a pack of cars about 2000' in front of us. Thought that was sufficent bait out in front...WRONG! We approach a clump of trees in the median, and all of a sudden a Trooper is hidden behind the far end, and as soon as I see him...full Ka blast! Not even enough time to brake....I glance over and he has a cell phone up to his ear, so by pure luck he must of had better things going on and chose not to hang up on whoever he was talking to!!! I HATE INSTANT ON!!!!! For some reason he didn't hit the pack of cars ahead, maybe due to having too many to sort out. Or maybe dialing his cell phone and we were the first cars he hit...anyway, my lucky day. The only thing that would have saved any detector in this encounter would be a vehicle invisability mode!!!

    Fourth and final encounter was with a K-band speed sign. Received my first alert at 0.9 miles in moderate traffic. It was setup in a construction zone. The Pro78 impressed me on this one. Even my wife was impressed, if anything can get her attention away from know something is up!

    That was it, fun day trip with the Pro78 on duty! Also found gas at $2.81/gal!!!!

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    yeah IO is dangerous. Try to do better eye sweeps along the sides of the roads. Always look for break lights ahead. Their are gonna be some cases where you just might spot the cop before the detector goes off and in IO this is sometimes the case. Also a CB in the car might help as well a trucker might have already spotted him way up ahead. If their is allot of truckers trucking that day sometimes the CB can be better then any radar detector. On one trip I had quite a few truckers reporting bears along the road they ended up reporting every active one. I made it to my destination in record time. Going hella over the speed limit as well. Radar detector should be use strictly as a tool. Situational awarness is everything. Remember to keep that hammer down. :wink:

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    Man, you lucked out on that I/O encounter. For some reason, the staties here like to run C/O, but CSPD loves their I/O very much.

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    Good comments whistlerfan! I usually have a scanner with me (Pro-96 Digital) and it does search the CB band, so I need to use it more!

    Now thinking back to the IO encounter, the pack of rabbits running ahead of me didn't brake! Maybe he had just pulled into his hiding place and we were the first one to get zapped...I was running approx 10-15 seconds behind them. Think I should keep the rabbits closer?

    Stealthcb- You are so right! I was paranoid for the rest of the trip!!!

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    yeah I use to use the scanner to search the cb bands. But I finally got a cb because I felt guilty just getting information and not submitting any information as far as cops ahead. Allot of times you can ask truckers up ahead if its a clean shot. You can go to any cb shop and pick up a used cb dirt cheap less then 20 bucks sometimes. Sorry for going off topic I know where talking whistler here and not cb's. But I feel as though it complements it well.



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