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    Default Pro 78 Rating (Quick Version)

    Well guys I feel that I have had enough time with this detector to rate it. I will update the ratings as time goes on if need be. Please keep in mind that this is my personal rating based on my experiences and has nothing to do with GOL. Keep in mind that I own the STI,X50, RX65, and V1. I have used even more than what I own.

    Looks=10 (futuristic look coolest looking detector out there)

    Sensitivity=7 (provides me with about 75% of REAL WORLD sensitivity of my V1 at about 1/3 of the price)

    Quality=8 (plastic case keeps it from a higher score)

    Support=10 (outstanding support from Mike B. and team)

    Features=6 (would like to see frequency display, multiple threat alert, etc)

    Falsing= 9 (superb job of ignoring non threats while maintaining sensitivity for real threats)

    Value= 10 (BEST bang for the dollar by a LONG shot)

    Ease of Use= 10 (easy to program, understand, and operate)

    Ramp up= 8 (ramp up is good but not X50 standards)

    Tone Alerts= 8

    Overall= 8.6

    I have to admit that this detector has been an absolute joy to drive with and has changed my perception of "budget" detectors. One does not have to break their wallet to have enough protection from radar. If you are looking for a radar detector that will provide you with enough time to slow down and will not drive you crazy with "falsing" then look no further than the Pro 78.
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    Very good rating, IMHO. I think I'd possibly go a little lower on looks and a little higher on features, but pretty accurate.

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    That is why a few of us have always had a Whistler in the collection somewhere.
    Good unit for the money.



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