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    Default Anybody tell me about the whistler 1778

    Hi all. I am new to the forum and in the market for a new RD. My 13 year old whistler 960 finaly packed it in the other day so i am now in the market for a new one. The only ones that i have been able to find around here are the xtr 690 and the 1778 I know that there probably have been posts about these but i cannot find them. Have looked at some bel and escort models but they just seem to expensive, usualy going PSL +5, just would like to have something there to give me a better heads up.

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    A Pro58 is good and will not break the bank.

    If you can afford a bit more, the Pro78 and the XTR-690 is the best that Whistler has to offer and is less expensive than some other brands.



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