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    Default 1793SE: Ka rear constant-on SAVE + BUST!

    So, I was driving on I-94 near port huron when my detector goes off with weak on-and-off Ka. It persisted for about 10 seconds, at which time I knew from experience that this is most likely a rear encounter. I was driving at 10 above PSL following a rabbit, but slowed down to PSL 5 seconds into the Ka alert. Soon enough, I saw a pair of crown vic headlights in my RVM weaving around traffic, and suspected that was the cop. It went ZOOM past me, I would guess 85-90mph, and I saw the light bar and decals (Macomb County).

    The cop went to follow a semi, and I could pick up Ka 1/9 intermittently from about a quarter mile away (presumably radar was bouncing off the semi).

    Anyway, I am still locked into the PSL, and I can tell the drivers behind me were PISSED. One F-150 shifted to the left lane and floored it, zooming past me as fast as the cop did. I told my dad "That guy is driving right into a speed trap". He amazingly PASSED the cop on the side, and then his brakes suddenly flashed on, and you can see his brakelights dip up and down from the braking force (don't need to be in his car to hear "OH F**** COP!!!!")

    The cop flashed on his lights and pulled him over.

    Talk about save + bust What a great 4th of july style show!

    P.S. Is it bad that I enjoy watching others get busted?

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    Great story. I love to see idiots get busted, though I don't know that the F-150 driver was an idiot, he was just unaware of the LEO up ahead.

    My best "busted" experience was a couple years ago on 101. I was passed by a couple cars doing 90+ so I picked up a couple great rabbits. I sped up to 80 or so but still lost them, but then I started picking up IO K ahead so I dropped out of warp and saw a statey pull out and pull over one of my rabbits.
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