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    I've been running with POP on and Filter 1 on with good results so far with my Pro 78. K band alerted about .6 mile for a cop hiding behind a curve . Another encounter was when a cop was behind me about a 3/4 mile back in traffic. Is this good with POP on, or would POP off be better for a quicker alert ?

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    Current Pro-78 firmware will incur no difference in sensitivity with pop on or pop off -- your experience will likely remain unchanged.

    However, POP OFF can reduce some level of falsing, according to VeilGuy's review of the detector.

    If you are experiencing falsing, then turning off POP might help (as may tweaking FILTER settings)

    On newer Pro-78 firmware which should be available soon, POP OFF will make the detector a bit more sensitive, which again, according to VeilGuy yields a noticeable improvement on K and Ka band, particularly Ka.

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    Default thanks..

    Thanks for your help..



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