I'm having difficult picking up Ka 34.7 State police here in Texas
they love to use Instant on 90% of the time.
I would like a update on Ka 2 use on my 78. I can't figure out why my unit only goes off when i get right up on them 1-2 beeps its like the Stalker leaks pretty bad or he has it on standby mode and thier antenna's leak. I have had Instant on saves 3-4 times when i first got my unit 3-4 miles of Ka. I'm talking if i'm going west and he's coming east 1-2 bar warning about 300 yards away and stops when i pass him. and he's in the left lane going 30mph in radar mode and this has not be falses cause it happens only on troopers. AND WHY ARE MY PARAGRAPHS LIKE THIS?