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    Default Pro-73 STILL Working Nice on K-Band

    So with my Pro-78 in the mail to Michael B, I reverted to the Pro-73. Yeah, the falsing is a little annoying. But those K-band Your Speed trailers set up in a construction zone are still up (, so I decided to test the 73 against them.

    On the northbound leg, the 73 performed significantly less well than the 78 had during its test. Instead of the 2+ mile warning on this sign, I received .97 miles, the 73 not picking up the radar until partway up the hill north of Stetson Hills Blvd. Yes, a mile on a speed sign is still a good hit for an RD, but not nearly as good as the 78 had done.

    On the eastbound leg, the performance was not inhibited as much. It picked up the radar at 1.2 miles, just .3 miles later than the 78. However, due to terrain, it would be just about impossible to pick it up any farther than 1.5, so I suspect that had something to do with it.

    This kind of supports my belief that the 78 is a good bit more sensitive on K-band than the 73, but on the same hand demonstrates that the 73--even with its irritating falses--is still a good RD for the money.

    Funny how the falses didn't irritate me before I had the 78.....

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    Default glad

    Glad to see some on here that have backup rd's and use them.

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    nice, my Pro-73 is still giving me saves.



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