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    Default Just hard-wired my 78 unit =)

    I just got done running my 78 to my fuse box and hid it really good.
    It was not easy ! I have an 06 Civic coupe and what sucks about it
    right above the rear view mirror is the oval bubble lookin tint my
    suction cups won't stick to it so i had to mount it to the left and level
    of the mirror. I love the blue Led screen cause it matches all my
    gauges cause they are all blue LCD digital gauges. That bubble crap
    wouldn't even come off with a razor blade its inside or something.My
    girl always complained about the dangling wire how it was in the way
    I will add a pic later

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    Jag you may want to try a couple of layers of the clear packaging tape to "level" out the bubbles or dots...I've never tried it, but it seems I have heard about someone doing this with good results.

    Good luck! How do you like the 78 so far?

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    Dave, I havn't tried the tape idea i might do that. As far as the 78 unit I just got back from the store and got a 3 mile detect on a K band speed trailer. I have recieved 3-4 mile average saves on Instant on Ka 34.7
    here in Texas where the stalker was born. The only thing i complain about
    is the geygor count goes higher than the sound warning and the Led's can
    throw you off. I have come up on a trooper with just a couple of Ka bleeps and its already at 8 strength but no pulse warning u can't rely
    just on sound u have to keep a eye on it very close especially Instant



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