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    Default 78 kicking Ka's butt!

    Another Ka save today and the 78 just keeps performing!!!

    I was driving westbound on the 264-Bypass in Raleigh, NC today and was behind someone actually wanting to drive the PSL of 65...I was starting to pass in the center lane when the 78 alerted to Ka. I immediately cancelled the pass and pulled back behind the slow a$$ and watched the 78 ramp up nicely to full alert. There was a Raleigh PD motorcycle unit in the median hiding in the shadows of an overpass running constant on Ka. He was impossible to see until you were passing him, talk about hiding in plain sight!!!

    Oh yeah the best part is, the Pro-78 picked up the Ka(35.5) alert at 1.1 miles!!!

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    nice. i love C/O radar, i always get almost a mile alert on ka but i hate the audio ramp up on 690 though... i wish it was more like v1.

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    Oh was that you Dave? I was trying to generate some business for the poor guy!

    They sometimes hide under the first bridge headed towards Raleigh after the Wendell exit. Just after the Leith Chevy Dealership.
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