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    Default Nice Ka save in New Mexico and later W/ (K-POP save?

    I was heading down I-40 just outside of Santa Rosa PSL 75
    i was running 85. I get 1-2 Ka bleeps every 3 or 4 seconds
    I waited and slowed down. 3.7 miles up ahead was a NM
    State Police shooting Instant on Ka. On Truck Route 599
    in Sante Fe i was traveling 75 in a 55 and Got a Kpop alert
    of 3 and about half a mile the local PD was in the median
    hiding over the rail guard instant on me as i passed.

    In Texas when i was coming back from New Mexico I
    get a ka Strength of 5 then went away (Night time)
    I was coming down a small hill and a car pulled right
    out in front of me so i got mad and flashed him with
    my lights and saw the words STATE TROOPER on the
    trunk (oops) then he instant on me with the Stalker
    34.7 So i passed him and picked up Ka behind me
    4 about 500ft then went away.

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    Hmm, very interesting... Mike said this about the POP alert:
    The conditions are they have to be K band or the area of the 33.8 GHz radar +/- 150Mhz and of a duration that is expected by a POP encounter.

    If the above is met, the Pro78 and XTR-690 will respond with the band, signal strength and the word POP on the screen
    So for this case, it seems like you're getting a K-band alert "of length expected by a POP encounter"

    I wonder how conclusively this would indicate that the encounter was POP, or just that you got a really brief glimpse of instant-on.



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