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    Default detector recommendation?

    I'm new to this forum and to detectors generally. I am shopping for my first detector. I wish to have some early warning capability against both radar and laser units.

    I drive a Miata convertable. Need a detector that can be seen and heard while operating my car in open-top configuration. Leaning toward the Whistler Pro-78 or XTR-690 because of recent favorable reviews.

    Are either of these devices suitable for my situation?

    Does either detector [or any detector] have the capability of using an external speaker for better audible alerts?

    My car is red. Flat black grille. Hidden headlights. Parking lights deleted and replaced by flat black air intake grilles. Tiny LED's [.250" lenses] turn signals are positioned behind those grilles. Very small projector fogs with 1.50" lenses are mounted in "mouth". No front license plate. No badges or chrome anywhere on the car. Other than covering the fogs, is there anything else that can be done to defeat laser threat?


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    Pro 78 has had good reviews from what I've read on here. Although if you think it's worth the $299 (new) the Escort Passport X50 is, in my opinion, the best detector for the money.

    As for laser, there are some things that help. You could apply Veil to your headlights and fog lights. You could also use a front nose mask (black vinyl bra) which would help too.

    The only sure way to beat laser is with a laser jammer but they are relatively expensive and require installation. They're effectiveness can be rather surprising in some cases though. They can work very very well.

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    Welcome to the boards.

    If money isn't an issue,(which was in my case) I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong) the X50 is supposed to have a really loud speaker, so I assume that would help with the air noise. But someone else could probably provide better information for your request.

    Welcome to the boards, and since I'm new here as well, you'll learn a lot (I know I am)

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    690 or 78 will make plenty sound at full volume, they are very good in senseitivity too. so choose any of these and u will be happy.

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    Yeah, ask yourself how much you can spend. Over $200 and you should go for a Top five (V1, X50, STi, RX-65, 9500i). If you want to spend under $200, look at the Whistlers you mentioned and the Bel V955. Personally, I run the Pro-78 and LOVE it. I drive a Mazda 6, frequently with the sunroof and all windows open and have no trouble hearing it. You should be fine in the Miata.

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    Thanks to all for your input.

    Budget concerns will probably restrict my initial detector purchase to <$200. Seems like the Pro-78 has a slightly more visible display than the XTR-690. May have to make some sort of sunvisor to shield the display from direct sunlight.

    When we get into the $300-$500+ range my list of requirements goes beyond the current feature sets of the so-called "top five" detectors. At those price points, I think that a remote/modular design should be mandatory.

    Maybe I'm just the naive new guy, but is there some reason that a radar detector must look like a radar detector? Does the unit really have to be self contained? And attached to the windshield?

    Are there any more innovative packaging arrangements for this type of circuitry? Perhaps a control unit that will accept multiple sensor inputs. Remote sensors that can positioned where they will do the most good. How about a control unit capable of interfacing with other devices like jammers, GPS, audio systems. With upgradable firmware.

    Maybe it's time for designers to step up and make higher-end detection & countermeasure systems the centerpiece of in-car electronics.

    Just my thoughts.

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    The XTR-690's updated display is not bad at all!



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