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    Default Pro-78 vs LTI Ultralyte

    Had a few experiences over the last 2 weeks with a Pro-78 in a real-life laser trap, wanted to share with the board...

    1) Went through a laser trap, where the police officer was hiding in the median strip bush at a bend in the road. Distance when targeted would have been approx 80 metres. I was the only car on the road, no alert (saw him aiming at me). Pro-78 was mounted low and in the middle of the windscreen.

    2) Drove through another laser trap when my remote laser sensor mounted in the front bumper alerted to laser. Nothing from the Pro-78. Went back for a second run, this time with the detector mounted up next to the rear view mirror, and the video camera rolling...except the police were busy writing tickets as I drove past. Went back for a third time, video rolling, but again, police busy writing a ticket.

    3) Drove towards a known favorite police laser trap on a highway. Saw the police car sitting in the middle of the strip about 1 km ahead. I was in the inside lane and had a car about 40m in front of me in the outer lane. This time I was running a Valentine mounted on the sun visor. At about 700-800m away from the police car I get a quick alert on the Valentine (which I thought was strange because the laser sensor in my remote kit mounted in the bumper almost always goes off), then silence for about 2 seconds, then both the V1 and the remote laser detector alert together.

    I thus concluded the V1 must have detected the scatter from the car in front and to the left of me, before again alerting when my car was targeted. Way to go V1.

    4) Same place as above, different day, had the Pro-78 low and in the middle of the windscreen. Saw the police car ahead again. All of a sudden my remote laser detector goes off, and about 2 seconds later the Pro-78 starts alerting to laser. Was about 500-600m away from the laser gun when first targeted.

    5) Today, coming towards the same location again. This time I thought I'd move the Pro-78 up next to the rear view mirror, hoping there was a laser trap there again. There was. At about the same distance (500-600m) the remote laser detector starts alerting, and a couple of seconds later the Pro-78 alerts. Hmmm....beginning to wonder if the Pro-78 is a bit slow to report, since it speaks "laser" first then chimes.

    Decided to go back around and capture the event on camera. Same set-up; Pro-78 mounted high next to rear view mirror. Was a little closer before they targeted me this time, but alas, the Pro-78 and my remote mounted laser detector alert simultaneously. The video turned out crap so I won't post on YouTube.

    Re-reading Bob's laser detector test he used a Pro-73, which didn't perform as well as the other detectors, has Whistler made improvements with the laser detection circuitry on the Pro78?

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    The Pro-78's laser detection system is identical to the previous platform's, but Mike B notes there are manufacturer variances that can cause a difference.



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