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    I would appreciate it if any of u PRO SERIES users could describe to me any encounters with LEOs. Even if it was consant on radar, anything. I have red some reviews, however I am thirsty for some more. Any type of scoring would do. Thank you.

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    I have written some reviews of my PRO58 on this site.
    Unfortunately there is not a lot of PRO series owners on the site.

    Today I wish I would have been running my PRO58 along with my V1.
    I would have been able to give a great review of the PRO58 rear detection, but unfortunately I let a buddy use it this weekend on his trip.

    I had a LEO behind me running K band and taking his time working thru traffic, this would have been a good comparison on how the PRO58 detected rear radar. :cry:

    Since I tend to lend out the PRO58 to all my friends and family I guess I should buy another one for testing purposes.(might buy the 73 just to see if there is any difference, Whistler says there is not)

    I still feel for the $$ the pro series is hard to beat!

    You (CincinnatiKid) and I are going to have do our own reviews to let other potential PRO series customers know how this unit is performing.

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    When they have their radars on constant, I have picked up K-Band at least 2-3 miles out. Sometimes I think it is a false alarm I wait so long for the cop to show up and this is at interstate speeds! When the use the instant on, I still "see" them a long ways away. Of course the detector resets to the non-alarmed mode when the radar is off. For the $$$ is is hard to beat.



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