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    Default What can cause the Pro-78 to reset to default settings?

    Seems like my Pro-78 reset itself to default settings this morning. Of course, I immediately blamed my wife and asked her is she had been playing with the unit...but alas, she said no.

    Anyway, I re-set the unit for pop-off, led off, filter 2, etc., but I noticed during start up the unit is silent and does not sound off the various radar bands and respective alerts. Basically, it stays silent and then two beeps at the end.

    I tried to reset the unit again, but still the same case.

    Any ideas fellows?

    Thank you.


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    when test is off it does the 2 beep thing. make sure the test is on if you want the startup.

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    Sometimes a quick succession of power cycles (particularly during hte test cycle) can cause the EEPROM to bork and you go back to default settings.



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