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    Default The good and the bad on my Pro-78

    I had an excellent save on my Pro-78 (see image) I was in Newport,DE which is known to use laser and ka when I got a 1 and 2 bar hit on my 78, I slowed down till I got to the bend and boom she went to full and I saw the LEO sitting in a parking lot to the left of me. I was tempted to click quiet, but I thought to myself let me rub it in as he had his window down and could hear the 78 going crazy alerting me to Ka band.

    Now for the bad. I was sitting outside a store waiting for my wife and my 78 was full blast K band because of the door opener, so I wondered if I unplug it and plug it back it would it give me a PULSE warning so I did that and it switched to full blast X it mis-read the band and in my area the difference between X and K could mean a ticket as no one uses X band anymore, but some LEOs use K. Is this being fixed in the new firmware?

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    by the way welcome to the whistlerforum. When it comes to a real threat you do not have to worry it will give you the proper and correct warning on the correct band. Also a door opener will only give you a 1 or 2 bar unless your really close to it. Most door openers run on x or k band. So either way it false you just have to learn what automatic door openers alert to what in your area. Then if you notice anything outside of that or the signal getting stronger then you might want to be careful.

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    Pro-78's use an algorithm that differentiates X from K that could be confused if there are multiple signals around interfering with the algorithm. So yes, some X/K confusion happens.

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    If they don't use X in your area put it on City 2 or turn off the X band I only use my 78 on the highway so I don't have to many falses but I always treat warningsas cops then I weigh my options and coninue for example if I get hit X band 2 after passing by an overpass with a supermarket door opener I speed up but slow and wait to see if the signal ramps up.



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