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    Default I know this isn't exactly on topic

    But the guys in this forum seem to be the most helpful. Anyways my wife just got a speeding ticket for doing 48 in a 35 on a two lane road with one car in front of her and 2 cars behind her and she swears she wasn't doing over 40. Now the LEO gave her 40 in a 35 and wrote down it was measured with radar and device used was "R264-ST" and I tried googling it but to no avail.

    I know exactly where she was stopped and I don't think the LEO measured her speed I think it was the car in front of her. If it wasn't laser isn't it possible he just gave the ticket to the biggest car in the beam? We went to the place this morning and it looks like it was 400+ feet was he supposedly clocked her.

    It was an "aggressive driver campaign" which translates to we are gonna ticket everyone and anyone. I don't think the LEO met "Michigan v Ferency" for speed measurement.

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    You need to post this here:

    That part of the is dedicated to beating the ticket, so you'll get the most accurate responses there.



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