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    I have the whistler pro 73 and I was wondering what kind of range you guys are getting with your pro series And where do you find you find best mounting position for these units.

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    When it comes to mounting the detector you are going to get many opinions, some say mount low for laser detection becasue the LEO will aim toward the licence plate.
    Others say mount high so that you will have a better range on detecting radar and hopefully scattered laser if a car is being lasered in front of you.

    Your best bet is to expieriment and see what works best for you.
    On my PRO58 I had a chance to sit in an area where a LEO was sitting clocking people and I kept moving the detector around and I did not notice any advantage in one place or another.
    On my Valentine1 it seems to do better mounted up high.

    I just decided to keep the PRO and the Valentine1 mounted high that way it is not easly seen by people walking by the car when parked or people and LEO behind me while I am driving.

    I have gotten about 1 mile range on KA and about 1 1/2 on K band.
    I do not run X band since it is not used where I live.

    I do find that the PRO58 seems to false alot in my area, but I mostly drive in the city.

    Get out there and find those radars and report back your findings always glad to hear from other Whistler owners.



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